How To Be A Grunge Hipster Girl

Grunge music populated in the 90’s and began in the late 80’s.

Bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, etc. are all examples of grunge bands. But what about grunge fashion? Well, now you can learn how to be grunge (and look cute and stylish) at the same time! Steps Before going out clothes shopping, you should become more familiar with this style. When most people hear the word,”grunge”, they think of dirtiness, trash, rust, factories, etc.

Grunge is a mix of left over punk rock and some metal. So basically to BE grunge you should think grunge. Grunge means not wanting to be popular or to be considered a pop icon. You basically drift under popular and as I’d call it, fake, society. You should be independent and not give a crap about what people want or think of you. If you just listen to Nirvana all day in flannel shirts then you’re considered a poser. Start listening. Only paying attention to Nirvana is rather, well…being a poser basically. There are MANY other grunge bands that you probably have never heard of.

(A good example would be Hole, Dinosaur Jr., Green Magnet School, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Garbage, etc.) For girls jewelry is pretty popular among us. Piercings are OK when it comes to grunge, just not EXTREME ones. I would suggest vintage or mechanical looking jewelry. Wooden and rusty metal bracelets and necklaces that have mechanical looking charms all over them are a good example. Although not too steampunk as this trend came later. Crucifixes were popular, and CND peace signs. For shirts checker board plaid and simple plaid are my suggestions. You can use even something more girly like a checkerboard plaid dress that you can wear over ripped jeans. Sweaters and down vests are a must too. Avoid using clothes that look…well…new. Going to outdoor clothing shops would be a good place to go or a second hand store. Try using earthy colors like brown, green, dark blue, and to even get a little bit more girly; red, maroon, or a dark rose color.

For jeans, avoid using skinny jeans. Actually, don’t use skinny jeans at ALL. You’ll just look just like a poser. Use baggy, ripped, patched jeans. To be more girly wear ripped short-ish shorts with flannel knee socks. For shoes, wear converse. If you buy new converse try dragging them through a puddle of mud and use a pair of scissors the shred and fray them a little. Big shoes were also very popular like combat boots and Doc Martens. For makeup wear very minimal. Use brown or green eyeshadow and dark brown eyeliner and brown mascara. Lips can be dark red/burgundy/wine. For hair try to avoid straightening it and just leave it out natural. (We didn’t own straighteners then!) And finally just follow all of these tips! And don’t be to careless about other people either, still be nice. Video Tips Try listening to these bands I’ve suggested: Dinosaur Jr., Green Magnet School, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, 7 Year Bitch, Fastbacks, Temple of the Dog, Mad Season, Cat Butt, Veruca Salt, Skin Yard, Mother Love Bone, Tad, The Gits, Afghan Whigs, Bush, Seven Mary 3, L7, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Green River, The Melvins, Modest Mouse, Mudhoney, Stone Temple Pilots.